The Toughness of a Cuddle Fish’s Mating Season

Since there are 10 males for every 1 male cuddle fish, it gets tough when it’s mating season. Competition is fierce and the males try to intimidate one another. When that doesn’t work, they duke it out to see who can mate the female fish. Hence, you know what’s happening when you see two cuddle fishes fight among themselves. Competition is fair game for these animals as it’s a fight for love and not for survival. During mating season, they all want the same thing and not everyone can get what he wants. Good thing, the femaleĀ Digital Playground discount fish will only take an hour before she lays eggs. They’re very smart too as those who are unable to mate will do various tactics to get what they want.


One tactic is they change their appearance so that they would look like a female cuddle fish too. It’s not that hard too since the difference between a male and a female are two arms. Yes, they can do that while a male cuddle fish is guarding a female one he just mated. Unfortunately, that means if you don’t tightly guard the female fish, there may be another one who will steal your children. Of course, you can’t blame them for doing that. After all, all is fair in love and mating. Believe it or not, they can even change the color of their skin. Hence, if you have many cuddle fishes, it would be hard to tell them apart. They can also change the texture of their skin. Yes, not a lot of fishes have these abilities. They certainly won’t waste time taking advantage of those abilities.


It’s weird to keep a cuddle fish as a pet because they’re not really fishes. Yes, they’re more related to snails and squids than they are to fish. Also, big fishes eat them for breakfast so it won’t be a good idea to keep them in an aquarium filled with other fishes. As for what they feast on, they eat octopuses, shrimps, crabs, and worms. Due to their appetite, there’s no telling what they’re craving for. Another reason they’re not ideal fishes is the way they look. They’re not exactly MofosDiscount creatures that would make kids want to play with them. In fact, it would be hard to catch their attention.


They’re easy to identify because of their unique shell called the cuttlebone. Because of this, they look huge. Their eyes are so big that they look like they want to pick a fight with the other cuddle fishes. Of course, that’s not always the case but sometimes, that’s exactly what their intentions are. There are several species under a cuddle fish so it would be hard to know what exactly you bought from the pet store. They’re commonly found on and in the North and Baltic Seas but they’re very deep in the ocean so you can’t catch them with your normal fishing materials. You can expect them to use their mating tactics to prevent fishermen from catching them.